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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:devart: WELCOME TO MY PAGE~!!! :devart:

About me:
:bulletred: I love drawing. It's one of my hobbies!
:bulletred: I draw dark, creepy, fantasy & fight scenes. Feel free to check out my gallery.
:bulletred: Favourite art style: semi-realistic/HK manhua/cell shading.
:bulletred: I am a gamer.
:bulletred: My other account: :iconwinternights30: (I upload pencil drawings of my project there)
:bulletred: Active llama trader. Llama Truck by KlauS92
:bulletred: I don't know what else to write about my self. These quotes are from my friends when I asked them, "what do you honestly think of me?":

“I think you are: Honest. Interesting. Talented. Kind. Considerate. Strong-minded and Freely-Opinionated. Yet still friendly. Respectful. Not afraid to speak your mind. Not afraid to be yourself. Brave. Enjoy your Privacy. Regard your Privacy. You set your boundaries and rules and don't seem to hold back on your words especially. Charming. Intelligent. You like to learn different things. Never boring. And you make an amazing friend as well! Very glad we met!! :) ” ~ Mnemothra

“It's like meeting a celebrity but with artist. I'm always excited to have met you online. It's not very often that I get to meet another artist whom I can connect with. Since I first joined Deviant Art, I learned this cool perk of interpreting art works. I appreciate you as a real person behind the computer, and appreciate the passion you put into your art works. Your art works is a reflection of you in many ways. When I look at your work and take a moment to study it, I learn something about you, and of myself, in the way that I react to them. I learn about your interest's your style, perspective, and the challenges you go through as a fellow artist, and I can relate with you in so many ways. I think you're creative and passionate in what you love doing. You're also a fighter at heart, who really strive for the best. Like life is like a tournament, where it's not to the strongest nor the fastest, but to the one who sticks it out for the long haul. You're fun to chat with and talk about favorite games, thoughts and ideas and interests, and I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts with you. It's something I don't do very often not even with anyone at my church and that's saying allot. They mean well, but non of them are artist, so they don't understand me as well as you and every fellow artist here does. ^^ :huggle: ” ~ Tenchi8

“A super talented and very nice girl. Most artists who can draw so well don't even bother to answer any comments, let alone engage in conversations, they're too "good" for that! I like your artworks, you really put every effort into them and it shows! Keep up the great work ;) ” ~ LadyMadCat

“I think you're awesome! You're so much fun to talk to, creative, clever and intuitive! Also your art is amazing Grace :D ” ~ Shadow12177

“Your my loving friend. :hug: I show respect from you and trying the best I can to show love and support even depression and stress battle we have to face in everyday life.” ~ Suiyaoirui07

“I love how understanding you are. I think you're one of the few who help me improve my rather nasty behavior when I was younger. :meow: ” ~ Project-GenEx

“You are a really good friend. Although you are an enigma to me. Which isn't bad, whatsoever. It just makes it more interesting. :p ” ~ TheLucky38

“I think you are an amazing person, you're lovely, funny and interesting. I love your arts, and I love speak with you :3 :heart: Loooooove !” ~ Illo1

“I respect you i love the people who create something and do it with love, who have some passion, who try to to evolve, i think you are such person. I also like that you're such an open and sociable person.” ~ jei6x

Columbine by JoyJoyfulTheRabbit Lotus by JoyJoyfulTheRabbit MY FRIENDS: Lotus by JoyJoyfulTheRabbit Columbine by JoyJoyfulTheRabbit


> I am currently working on my own project. Check out my 'Winter Nights' comic if interested -->…
> Art Request for Illo1 - Mirah

Requests - On Hold by SweetDuke Collaborations - Closed by SweetDuke Trades - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

Rules for the Art Request:
1. Don’t be so rude asking for free art when you don’t even like my art.
2. Art requests are for my close friends only.
3. Make sure to browse through my art a little to see if I can draw what you want. Don’t force me to draw something that I can’t! D:
4. Don’t rush me.

Rules for the Art Trade:
1. Please do not ask for an art trade when you know you will not be able to finish it.
2. Your art must be at least as decent as mine. Put effort into your work. It’s not a fair art trade if I put so much effort into my work but you don't care about the result at all.
3. If you are the one that asks for an art trade, I will do my part when you have done yours. I don’t want to draw something and get nothing in return. Unless, it’s one of my good friends who I know would finish it.
4. If you want two characters drawn, expect to draw two for me as well.
5. Do not use bases. I like it when someone uses their own art style.
6. It might take a while so please be patient.

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Since Chapter One of Winter Nights is completed, I have added a synopsis of it in case some people might get confused. I know the story is very complicated. Oh Noes! Wendell isn't 100% evil. Arthur isn't a typical good hero and he is actually working with a bunch of criminals. My friend TheLucky38 helped me with writing the synopsis (Thank you!).

'Agent Arthur Forrister, agent of the secret organisation, Mirage. Was sent on a mission to find the serial killer turned wendigo, Wendell Mortimer and bring him back to home base alive, by any means necessary. Arthur had finally caught up to his target. Believing that Wendell had killed numerous people, as well as his own wife. Arthur decided to take him back by force. As the two fought, Arthur had revealed his true transformation. Neither of them yielded until a bounty hunter interrupted in the fight. Rage filled the veins of Wendell's cold, barely alive, body. Which resulted in one dead body. It was neither Arthur's nor Wendell's. It was the bounty hunter that suffered Wendell's wrath. As werewolf Arthur choked Wendell to suffocate him, Wendell experienced a very dangerous flashback. To the day where his wife had died, by the hands of Chuck. He now believed Arthur was Chuck: a man who was able to transform into a werewolf and a wendigo. In the end, despite the mission being more bloody than usual. Arthur had won. Now he takes Wendell's unconscious body back to base. With more questions than answers along the way.'

And I'd like to feature these artworks by other artists: 

Wendell Mortimer (OC by Grace-Zed) by AEmiliusLives Wendell (WIP renders) by AEmiliusLives Wendell (turntable animation) by AEmiliusLives
Wendell (3D renders gallery) by AEmiliusLives AT: Wendigo vs Werewolf by LiJoKu-Art
AT: Wendell and Alexandra by Kurokkii _ In The Rain _ by JustKatArt Art Trade- Wendell Mortimer by Jar3d-Washington AT: Wendell Mortimer  by Sterben-Rot
Arthur Forrister ( Grace-Zed OC ) by Illo1 Arthur Forrister ( Grace-Zed's OC ) again by Illo1 Valentine's Day Gift - Arthur and Mirah by Illo1 Request for Grace-Zed's OC, Ashraff by kameronktaylor

Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] I love these artworks so much~!!! :heartyfaint: 

Taggy things:

Late as usual~ XD 

>>> Tagged by :iconspacebear-b: 

If you were in a horror movie which character would you be?
- The smart character and other people think I am silly. I would make sure everyone survive. OR, the smart character like Emily from Until Dawn, "understand the palm of my hand"  UNDERSTAND THE PALM OF MY HAND, BITCH! PWAAAAHHHH! except that I don't like to say curse words. XD

2.    What’s your favorite genre of movie?
- Crime/Thriller/Horror genre, e.g. Saw and Don't Breathe.

3.    Do you have an irrational fear?
- Acrophobia and trypophobia. 

4.    Would you rather endure super hot summer or a super coldest winter?
- Super coldest winter.

5.    What is the oddest dream you have ever had?
- I was some kind of a spy infiltrating a museum at night. While sneaking, I saw a shark swimming in the air towards me. Shark swim My friends and I shot at security guards. And then...I was playing Soul Calibur game with my cousin. My dream didn't make any sense. :baffled: 

6.    Favorite board game?
- I haven't played any board game in ages. Scrabble. 

7.    Would you rather live through a zombie apocalypse or a hostile alien invasion?
- Zombie apocalypse. Aliens are probably a lot smarter than us humans. 

8.    What would be the first thing you do if you discovered magic was real?
- I would practise magic (e.g. casting spells) when nobody is around and keep it secret. 

9.    What would you do if you suddenly lived in the world of a shonen anime?
- Be a hero or a villain. Lame answer. Papmingplz I am not so much into anime. 

10. Is there someone from a show or movie that you would date?
- Right now, I like James McAvoy :heart: but I would not dream to date him. 

11. What did you/do you enjoy the most about school?
- Studying my favourite subjects! and my friends!

12. How is your day going? (Hopefully well ^w^)
- It's really boring. Yawn Nothing much interesting to do except this tag thingy. ;)

>>> Tagged by :icongumbothegreat: 

1)Which person or character would you hang out for a day and what would you do?
- No one. XD

2)Marvel or DC and why?(There can only be one)
- DC because Batman. BATMAN DANCE GIF ICON 

3)Seen any movies in 2017 and which ones?
- I watched Split recently. I don't remember what other movies I have watched. 

4)What is your favorite drawing medium?(What is your favorite thing to draw with, if you draw)
- Pencil/Photoshop (for colouring).

5)Do you draw any OC's or fancharacters? (If you draw both, which do you draw more of?)
- OCs. I don't draw FCs anymore, except when doing art request or art trade. My last FC was for Dynasty Warriors fandom. 

6)If you were able to gain any weapon from any universe in existence, which would you get and why?
- The Eye of Magnus from Skyrim. I would be invincible. Nem Laughing 

7)What is your favorite type of chips?
- Potato chips? Pixel: Fries 2 

8)What do you think of Anime and Manga?

- They are okay. I watch anime if I think it's interesting. 

9)What is your favorite genre of music and from that music genre, your favorite artist
- Rock and metal. 
Imagine Dragons, Rammstein, Daughtry, Epica, Apocalyptica.

10)What is something and/or who is someone you hate with a burning passion
- Nothing/Nobody. 

11)Ya like jazz?(Hope you get that reference)
- Nope. Sorry, I don't get the reference. D:

12)Have you watched any of the hyped movies of 2017, like Logan or Kong:Skull Island?
- Nope, I have not. 

13)What is your opinion of Social Justice Workers?
- Do you mean 'Social Workers'? They are okay. They are civil and don't ruin the concept of 'social justice' unlike crazy Social Justice Warriors that keep shoving their opinions down everyone's throat. 

I am not tagging anyone. I have tagged a lot of people already. If anyone is interested, feel free to answer these questions:

1. Do you believe in aliens?
2. What do you do whenever you are bored?
3. Are you more of a morning or a night time person? 
4. Do you like jumpscares in horror movies? 
5. Do you like sweet, salty or spicy food?
6. What are your current fandoms?
7. What is the strangest thing that has happened to you? 
8. Tell me about the happiest day of your life. 
9. Have you thought about owning a dangerous animal? 
10. What's the weirdest dream you have ever had?
11. Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong time period?
12. What is more important: to love or to be loved?

  • Watching: you
  • Eating: Rice and chicken
  • Drinking: Tea


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